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Brenton Ellis

Brenton has worked for us for several years while attending High School and Collage. He is now full time and has lots of experience to bring to the operation.



Trey Mousel:


Trey started for us in 2017. He graduated from Southwest High School and is working for us full time. Trey has a lot of hands on experience as he has been around cattle and farming all his life.







Brock Ankersen

Brock started working for us in January 2018. He spent the summer of 2017 on a harvest crew and is knowledgeable in operating equipment.




Donald Hunt

Donald started for us in the spring of 2018. He likes turning wrenches and working with livestock. He is a member of the National Guard and serves our country when called to duty.






Dale Bamesberger:

Dale give me a start in farming and I owe him a great deal of gratitude. He loves the farm and farm life. Dale BamesbergerDale retired in 2007 and has since kept busy working on old pickups and going to auctions. Dale lives on the same place where he grew up, enjoying keeping up with the farming activities.


The whole crew! 7-18-132013 Wheat Harvest Crew



This was our crew from the summer of 2013 which included  Matt Bamesberger (seated in red), Phil’s brother, Lyle Calvert (standing in red shirt), Brenton Ellis (standing with white shirt), Doug Cure, Chase Shifflet, Mike Shields, Dale, and Phil & Janice.