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          Our main shop is a 5000 sq ft insulated heated building where two infrared heaters keep it at 60 degrees in the winter, and a large water cooler to make it more comfortable in the summer. Most of our repairs are completed in here as well as all vehicle service work. We do all of our own welding, fabrication, and tire repair and balancing. We also do all of our own hydraulic hose repair with five sizes of bulk hose and hundreds of fittings. Bolt bins and drawers numbering up to 1000 individual storage spaces help us cut down on “parts runs”. Bulk hydraulic oil and diesel engine oil helps make servicing equipment efficient. All of our equipment is serviced and repaired in the off-season except some required oil changes, which is monitored in our service log book. An upper deck provides room for three rows of shelves for parts, filters, hose, and larger supplies storage. A break room with a fridge, oven, and restroom for the crew are located at the other side of the deck. A two stage air compressor is routed over the entire building with 3/4 inch steel line and seven air drops for convenience. An overhead beam on wheels with a hoist that rolls back and forth helps out with the heavy projects. For servicing vehicles we have a five foot deep pit with stairs. This pit has planks that can be removed and replaced with minimal effort. There are two drain sump’s so we can either wash a vehicle inside or let snow melt off and drain away. A water cooler, XM radio, and overhead door remotes are additional features in our shop. We keep our shop clean and tools organized. Shields are in place where needed, flammable liquids stored in an approved cabinet, GFCI electric plugins where required, high pressure bottles chained, fire extinguishers placed, exit doors marked, and many other OSHA requirements met. There is always a project waiting for a day that is not suitable to work outside.

         Another 5000 sq ft shop houses a lot of our equipment. It is not insulated, but we do have a waste oil heater that we can fire up to knock some chill out of the air. If we do repairs in this building, we have our service truck available. We have a complete set of tools, crane, bolt supply, welder and torch on this truck that we also use in the field when needed.